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Food Bank / Food Pantry

Non-Profit Organization


๐ŸŽOur Mission And Purpose

~The Present~

Noel Community Organization has a mission and purpose to provide relief and assistance in obtaining food, water, clothes and hygiene items for the poor, underserved and underprivleged.ย 

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is primarily a food bank / food pantry, also offering non-food items. We have a committment to community approach & stance, when it comes to serving our communities in Long Beach.

Being able to eat, have water to drink, and have a meal everyday are some of the most important out of all necesseties to sustain life. Food nourishes the mind and body, and helps you grow properly, eliminating and reducing the effects of mental and physical ailments, disabilities, conditions and diseases. Children and adults alike can't concentrate on other important things in their lives when all they can concentrate on is being hungry, and worrying about where the next meal will come from. We take our place in being a part of the solution for this.


The definition of poverty...Poverty: The state or condition in which one lacks the financial resources and basic essentials such as food, water, clothing and shelter, for a basic standard of living. Similar to poverty are the words, poor, destitute, and indigent. No matter what word we choose to use, we know the issues that are at hand are serious. Poverty causes homelessness, hunger and a decline in health. It is what we work hard at combating.

Because so many of our fellow community members are in poverty, they end up homeless, without money and food. Although, there are also those who are housed, but barely making it by. Whichever way they are living, there are still too many just surviving, not actually living their best lives. Everyone deserves a quality life. Noel Community Organization stands in the gap, so that whatever resources you do have, we can fill the hole of those you don't have with what we have to offer.


This organization understands that being in poverty you dont have it all, so we help where we can and do our best to refer you where we can't. By engaging with our community, we establish connections that help us know how to provide for their specific needs, ensuring that our support is impactful. For as long as our community members are in need, we will continue to have a mission and a purpose.



๐ŸŠOur Values

~The Heart & Mind~

Integrity-It's important to us personally and as an organization, to be open, honest, and accountable for what we say and do. We know that your name and your word will always go before you and represent who you are, so it means everything to us.

Respect-We want to show respect for all; through kindness, dignity and empathy to staff, volunteers and those in need of our services.

Diversity-No discrimination of any kind is tolerated; we say yes to inclusion. Collabs and partnerships are welcomed; we know that we learn and succeed from diverse ideas.

Dedication-Noel Community Organization is completly dedicated to public service work, pulling the fellow man/woman up, and helping others gain more quality of life in their lives.

๐ŸŒ Statistics

~The Past~

In 2020, the city of Long Beach, Ca conducted a homeless count; where the city identified 2,034 people experiencing homelessness, which calculated a 7% increase from the year before.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, another count wasn't conducted until Feb 2022; the city then determined there were 3,296 persons in some form experiencing homelessness, whether it was living on the streets, living in a vehicle or living in an emergency shelter.ย 

Again, there was a significant increase, resulting in the city opening its's first city-owned shelter and the leasing of 2 motels through a gov't reimbursment program.

Jan 10, 2023 the city proclaimed local emergency for homelessness. The city counted 3,447 persons experiencing homelessness, resulting in a 4.6% increase from the year before. Looking at our past helps with giving us insight for new vision (the future).

Homelessness, poverty, & hunger are all of the same battle. Yearly the same problems continue to rise, even with progams in place. People are in poverty for many reasons such as; mental illness, mental & physical disability, substance abuse, chronic medical issues, being unaware or uneducated of help & resources available, and employment & financial issues. Someone has to do something; someone like Noel Community Organization. Sometimes people can only help with their time through volunteering, some with money or other donations, & others by spreading the word; we accept it all, just help us, your way.

๐Ÿซ‘ Vision & Goals

~The Future~

At Noel Community Organization, we also focus on our goals for the future. A few things that makes a better us are:

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